Vanguard Solutions Ltd specialises in all areas of security including:


We understand that CCTV is mainly used as a deterrent for both commercial and residential properties but due to investments in technology, todays CCTV systems can be used for much more.

Whether your requirement is to protect a single premise or a multi-site business across the UK, VSL has the industry expertise to be able to design, Install and maintain stand alone or integrated CCTV systems.


Here at Vanguard Solutions Ltd, we provide a variety of intruder alarm systems to specifically suit your organisational or personal needs.

With our intruder alarms we can ensure safety and security from unauthorised entry to your site.

Our installation and maintenance service for your intruder alarm also includes a free site survey and risk assessment for your first system installation.


Vanguard Solutions Ltd is fully aware of how fast fire and smoke can spread and how dangerous it can be for employees, visitors and occupants. We can assure you that your safety and the safety of your property is most important to us.

VSL provides a range of fast acting fire alarm systems to specifically suit your needs and requirements. Our engineers are fully trained in the installation and maintenance of our fire systems and are also aware of the essential protocol needed to be followed when an alarm is activated.


Vanguard Solutions Ltd can ensure maximum security for your property by installing access control solutions from keypads to fob readers or even a simple lock. This type of security enables you to control access to your property or certain areas of your property, this can be in an office or on site.

Our access control systems can be designed to specifically suit your needs and allow you to control, and be aware of, who is allowed certain access to your property.


Vanguard Solutions Ltd provides a controlled and highly reliable gate and barrier automation system to meet your perimeter security needs.

We will ensure to keep your property, vehicles, residents, employees completely protected using up to date high quality technologies, such as intercom technology and automated gates.

Our fully qualified engineers will accurately install and maintain the security system to a high standard and monitor how often people pass through. The gate and barrier system can be incorporated with the CCTV and intruder alarm systems to ensure maximum security.

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